DC-PT Integration

DC-PT Integration




Utilizing a licensed physical therapist will provide patients with better results. It opens the door to referrals from the medical community that normally would not refer to a chiropractor. These multidisciplinary clinics are very profitable, as shown by chiropractic economics 10th annual salary and expense survey. Integrated practices show an income considerably higher than the average practice ($252,071) when compared to solo chiropractors (130,546).


98% of the population has been and continues to be seen by medical doctors and medical institutions. Owning a multi-discipline clinic will make you part of the widest and most prevalent health-care system, while keeping your philosophy intact. The chiropractor is a definite specialist in the neurological system and in spinal alignment; the physical therapist is a specialist in the muscular strengthening needed to maintain spinal alignment and in documenting the restoration of that strength and alignment. Physical therapists are extremely capable in communicating what they are doing and why, so that their colleagues, MDs and insurance companies understand what is happening in the case, where it is going, and why it should be paid.


Many insurance companies are more willing to reimburse for physical therapy. The medical communities have a greater understanding of physical therapy than chiropractic care. Most insurance companies pay an extra benefit if the service is provided by a licensed physical therapist. The overall benefits of integrating practices with physical therapists include drastically increased patient outcomes, documentation standards, treatment planning, treatment protocols, new patients, retention and reimbursement. All in all, this can be a very attractive relationship for chiropractors, young or old, as long as they follow these guidelines. A successful DC-PT practice is established on a respect for each other’s role and teamwork in serving the patient.


A multi-disciplinary practice should be created primarily to benefit your patients, not you. Your increased scope of services will attract more new patients. Creating a DC-PT multi-disciplinary practice provides you with the opportunity to offer chiropractic care to a larger segment of the population, many of whom may never have sought out chiropractic otherwise. This expanded access alone will significantly increase the volume of patients and services rendered in your practice.


As a chiropractor you possess the ability to deliver an incredible healing modality, the chiropractic adjustment. Unfortunately, the general public has not yet recognized and embraced chiropractic for what it is. Converting your practice to a DC-PT multi-disciplinary facility is a way for you to insure that the profession of chiropractic is robust and thriving for future generations to come.


Important Note:

A legal team that understands your state laws, chiropractic practice acts, physical therapy practice acts and all federal laws and statutes is an absolute must. Make sure they have reviewed all of the above before drawing up your contracts. These contracts should not cost more than $5,000 if the attorney is already familiar with the above-mentioned laws and statutes. Integrating your office with a physical therapist can be an excellent form of clinical treatment for your patients. If you truly believe that having a combined approach from the DC and PT perspective would result in better clinical outcomes, PT integration may be just the right fit for your practice. Only consider the most serious law firms with national recognition. They are well worth your peace of mind.


You can legally hire a physical therapist and bill for their services. Visit www.quantumleapllc.info or www.targetcoding.com. They will coach you on how to start, how to choose a physical therapist that will integrate into a chiropractic clinic. They will also help you with billing codes and documentation procedures.



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