H1b versus greencard

Side by Side Comparison of H1b/ Green Card or Both




Green Card


Filing date

April 1


April 1 for H1b, anytime for green card

Processing time (When can employee begin work)


October of that year


Should apply again the year after if not selected

2 years after filing date

Earliest would be October of that year, Latest would be 2 years after filing date

Available slots


No quota


Chances of getting approved

Computer generated random selection process

A matter of time; based on priority date;

Based on the date petition is files with USCIS

Having both gives you a fall back position if you did not get chosen for H1b


3 years, renewable for 3 more years

10 years, can be converted to U.S. Citizenship



Employee is required to work for H1b sponsor; may switch employer by filing a petition to USCIS which takes at least 3 months

Employee is required to work for the green card sponsor at least 6 months



USCIS Fees (Effective as of July 30, 2007)

I 129: Petition for Non-Immigrant Worker= $320.00

I-907: Premium Processing Fee=$1,000.00

Average Lawyer Fees=$1.000.00- $4,000.00


USCIS Fees: (as of July 30, 2007)

I-140: Petition for an Immigrant Worker = $475.00

I-485: Adjust status and become  permanent resident while in the U.S. (includes filing plus biometric= $1,010

I-765: Employment Authorization Document=$340.00

Average Lawyer Fees: $2,000-$10,000.00


With a well written contract, you may require a year or more of employment with your prospective physical therapist in exchange for all the expense you incurred.





United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. www.uscis.gov

“Before contacting the USCIS, USCIS may be able to help you if you have a question about immigration procedures, or need clarification, by calling the USCIS National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 1-800-375-5283 (TTY 1-800-767-1833). This toll-free call center has additional information and, during their specified office hours, can connect you to live assistance in English and Spanish. The NCSC will be able to answer most questions - although they cannot provide information about the status of your case over the telephone.”