Physical Therapy Nationwide Shortage

There is a nationwide shortage of workers in the field of Physical Therapy. According to a recent study (Snohomish County, 2005), graduate number from PT training programs are insufficient to meet national workforce needs. Hospitals and clinics are challenged by the salaries being demanded by PTs, primarily because of low reimbursement rates, regulationsn, demand versus supply of graduates and increased student loans incurred from new educational requirements. Right now, we can see an increased number of contract employees, increased number of months the PT position stays open (usually 5-7 months).


Why should I sponsor PTs?

  • It is cheaper to hire a PT directly than to go through expensive recruiters or contracting agencies
  • you are only required to pay the prevailing wage (contact Department of Labor for more information), current graduates with Master’s Degree and Doctorate’s Degree demand more pay
  • you can require a 2-year contract for the expenses you incurred while sponsoring a therapist for a green card (for help with contracts and immigration, you can ask us for our premium services, which include legal help from our lawyers)
  • The shortage of PTs is real.