New to Sponsoring a Foreign-trained therapist?


We have streamlined the steps to make it easier.


  1. Find a foreign trained therapist.
  2. Check if they have passed the U.S. Physical Therapy Exam.

a.)    if they did not pass the exam yet, they have to take the exam in the U.S. If you are interested in hiring them, you have to write a “letter of guarantee” so that they can apply for a tourist visa and take the exam in the U.S. (The letter of guarantee is a letter stating that you are interested in hiring them as a physical therapist should they pass the Physical Therapy Exam).

b.)    If they have passed the exam, make sure that they have their scores transferred to your state. For example, they took their exam for New York, your state is California. They have to transfer their scores from New York to California.

c.)    If they have passed the exam and have a U.S. license in your state, proceed to step 3.

  1. Send them a job offer letter. This is the standard employment contract. We have prepared a standard editable employment contract in Word. Click here to download.

Important: Benefits, Holidays and Work Hours should be the same with your U.S. employees.

Here are the most salient points in the contract that you need. In the contract we prepared, we have what most sponsoring agencies provide:

a.)    hourly wage:  25 dollars/hour

b.)    contract duration: 3 years

c.)    regular working hours: 40 hours

d.)    overtime pay: 37 dollars/hour

e.)    vacation leave: 2 weeks

f.)      sick leave: 3 days

g.)    airfare to and from the country of origin (return fare required for h1-b employees upon contract termination)

h.)    free 1 week housing accommodation

i.)      termination of contract before 3 years: reimburse employer for all expenses that employer incurred. (airfare, housing and other fees)

  1. Request payment from the candidate for acceptance of contract. This can be held in escrow by a third party. The payment we prescribe will be $320 as filing fee for H1-b and $475 as filing fee for green card. For a total of $795. (You can sponsor the therapist for both H1-b and green card OR you can just choose one.) If held by escrow, the candidate therapist should release the escrow once the USCIS receipt notice is provided. (Once filed, USCIS provides receipt notice in a couple of weeks, this can also be verified online with the receipt number). This protects both the employer and employee. The employer knows that the employee is serious in applying. The employee releases the money only when the employer has filed the petition.


    5. Once escrow/ payment by the candidate is received

a.)     fill out I-129 for H1-b sponsorship. Click here for instructions in filling out the form and the form itself. We have also included the H1-B worksheet. H1-b can only be filed on April 1 of every year. We suggest that this is overnight delivered by reputable courier services. Since it is usually open for one day, and the quota usually gets filled up by the same day. If approved, candidate may work October of that year.

b.)    Fill out I-140 for green card sponsorship. Click here for instructions in filling out the form and the form itself. This form can be filed anytime. However, the candidate may start work after approximately 2 years after the I-140 is filed.

  1. For candidates from the Philippines, POEA exit clearance is required. There are numerous licensed agencies from the POEA website. We have made special arrangements with the POEA agency listed below. Their fee for POEA exit clearance is only 600 dollars + POEA fee of about ($300). Here is their contact information.

Tel No/s : 4420203 Fax No.: 4420203
Email Address : [email protected]
Website :
Official Representative : MARIA SOCORRO B DE LEON
Status : Good Standing

U.S. Partner:
Global Manpower
P.O. Box 1484 Fletcher, NC 28732
email add: [email protected]
phone number: 1-828-777-1785



You can also choose the easy route by hiring an immigration lawyer to do all the work for you. This includes step 2-6.
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