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Retrogression and the Schedule A Profession

On November 1, 2006, the Department of State enacted retrogression for Schedule A nurses and physical therapists. Retrogression refers to the resulting delay in obtaining an immigrant visa when there are more people applying for immigrant visas in a given year than the total number of visas available. The applicant cannot file an Application to Adjust Status (Form I-485) or

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If you have deficiencies in your credits, here are the following things you can do: Talk to the credentialing agency. Ask them what you can do so that you can be at par with the U.S. standard. Usually, credentialing agencies have suggestions such as taking a continuing education course, taking an online course, going back to college (we hope you will

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Thinking About Working in the United States as a Physical Therapist???

Best States: In order to work in the U.S. as a physical therapist (PT), you need to undergo a series of steps. First, you have to choose which state you would like to practice. Each state has their own minimum credit requirements, English proficiency requirements, credentialing agencies they use or if they grant a limited permit or not. This is

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In rare cases where a candidate cannot obtain a Social Security Number, an “Alternate Identification Number” (AIN) may be obtained from FSBPT by application. You may print an application for an Alternate Identification Number by clicking on this link The issuance of an AIN is solely for the purpose of registering for examinations or services through the FSBPT when a

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The Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy has a new service to assist foreign educated candidates. This service assists those foreign educated candidates that were deemed NOT to have a substantially equivalent education to U.S. physical therapy graduates. The Planned Learning Assistance Network (P.L.A.N.) counselor identifies deficiencies and appropriate professional education courses that candidates could take. The goal would be

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Choosing an Agency to Sponsor you for a Visa

In choosing the best agency, you have to consider a few things. 1.     Do they sponsor for H1b/Greencard/Both? Ideal world: sponsored for H1b and Greencard concurrently H1b allows you to work after 14 days (with premium processing and if the H1b quota is not yet reached). H1b is valid for 3 years. You have to work for the same

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